How We Will Help You Revalidate Your Tax Account

When the IRS tells you that they ALREADY got a tax filing from you - It's a Shocker. It means that a fraudster has stolen your personal information, completely fabricated a tax return that generates a fraudulent refund and then diverted the IRS tax refund to themselves. Your anxiety level increases. Now you won't get YOUR refund paid, or tax payment credited (to avoid interest and penalties), until you reassert your own identity over your own tax account, revalidating your account. The stress can become overwhelming and you may start obsessing over it, especially if you are not familiar with the IRS processes.

At TAD we know this. We also know, from what our clients tell us, that taking that first step to obtain help can be just as overwhelming. You want to make sure that you have the right people in your corner going to bat for you. Our clients tell us that when they bring us into the picture they breathe a sigh of relief and regain the peace of mind that they lost when the IRS notice arrived. We get it. We've been there. We've been in the "trenches" recovering tax identities and protecting your rights for years.

Here's what we promise: